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Extreme Sports Clients Hit The Apex Every Time

July 12, 2021

Does one clear goal drive your employees? Do you know how to elevate your enterprise? We see this thought process day in and day out with our extreme sports clients. Their focus on one goal and constant improvement help them to keep pushing forward.

“In racing, there are always things you can learn every single day. There is always space for improvement, and I think that applies to everything in life.” - Lewis Hamilton

At Decision Focus, we help our clients excel every time they compete. When you work with us, you are rubbing shoulders with the créme de la créme. The exciting thing is, we give all our clients the same high-end intuitive software.

Agility is a Winner’s Secret Weapon

Whether you’re part of a record-breaking Formula 1 team or world-class sailing crew, it is vital to have the internal agility to handle anything. Without it, you have no flexibility, and it will affect your results. Let’s face it; nobody remembers who comes second.

Our extreme sports clients can keep their focus, aim for the top and achieve it. When these companies use our software, their “issues” become “feedback items”. You see, even a simple terminology twist can make issue management seem far more positive.

You get to run your corporate enterprise the same way as the cool kids.

You might not break course records in your enterprise. But we can give you the same high-level agility for your implementations. We understand how important it is for companies to be agile, and it doesn’t matter what industry.

Get pole position every time

When you gain internal agility, the speed follows. It is a must for any organisation and even more so if you are a large enterprise. Changing to a streamlined setup makes everything quicker without compromising anything.

No more indecision. You can get straight to the point.

So when legislation and regulations change and the goalposts have moved once again. You know that you have a system in place to handle these sweeping changes. Forget the spreadsheets and the inflexibility from other software vendors. You can update the Decision Focus Platform on the fly as the changes occur.

Decisions have to be quick, and you need to make the right decision or lose the race. When it comes to Formula 1, feedback in every intricate part of the system is key to success. You might need to check an average of 500 feedback items per race.

When you are on a quest to win, you need to learn from every situation.

Knowing that things will never go quite to plan and being prepared for anything that the race will throw at you is critical for success. Equally important is to learn from the last race and strive for continuous improvements. Just settling for status quo is the same as surrendering to the competition and eventually becoming obsolete.

There are strong comparisons to the world of business, where winners and losers are determined by their ability to learn and adapt to the changing conditions.

Get all Hands on Deck

In the America's Cup, yachts are reaching speeds unheard of three years ago. It is not only down to the design of the boat but also the whole backend support system. The constant checking, resetting and forecasting help them reach their goals.

In comparison, in the banking and insurance industry, heavy regulations slow things down. But you don’t have to work in the same stagnant way. You can introduce a leaner, more effective system, which can benefit your risk, compliance and audit programs.

Use reliable software that has no serious hiccups.

It is not only about speed and agility. For our extreme clients (without sounding dramatic), it can be a matter of life or death. You only get one shot at it. There is no room for failure due to the nature of their business. When it comes to reliability, it has to work without fail.

So how does our software handle a potential of 500 feedback items?

It's all about the flow of the feedback. You can set your system up, so an item goes to the correct department and person. It will also have a designated category of importance and a supporting message. You can even add photos to give further clarity.

This system can help your enterprise have speed, focus and real decision-making clout. It eliminates any faffing or lengthy meetings. You gain the agility to make decisions instead of over analysing things. Plus, we work alongside you to create the system you want.

One Clear Positive Direction

It’s not just a C-Level drive. It is the full force of the company, all striving together for success. If you are a large enterprise, you can also embrace this positive vibe. You can embed it into the DNA and culture of the whole organisation.

When you define a goal for everybody, you can all work together to achieve it.

Our extreme sports clients live and breathe goals. They are ready to push together to achieve it. They all know what they have to do to get there. It is not political. It is simplistic. Will it make the car go faster or make it stop?

Imagine applying such a philosophy in your enterprise.

It is a direct approach that helps you keep focus, reach goals quicker and excel. There is less “noise” in your decision making. Decisions are more cut and dry. You can ignore the noise and raise your quality.

High-octane clients understand the power of one goal. You can also inject this razor focus into your organisation. Reduce the ‘noise’ and focus on a common goal. You can use a phased approach and use defined mini-goals along the way.

Be Extreme and Raise Your Game

Hop on for the ultimate ride, and don’t look back. We can elevate your processes by streamlining your enterprise. What will your enterprise become? Well, you will be faster, wiser, and more successful. Our results are evident with all our clients.

You can excel regardless of your industry.

If you are already working with us, you know our capabilities. If this is the first time you have heard of us, get in touch. Let us open up your mind to a whole new world of software possibilities. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

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