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Xellia - Automated and User-friendly Contract Management

April 27, 2021


Xellia’s IT Business Application Team and Decision Focus have implemented a new Contracts Management solution for the Group Legal Department.

The solution builds on the Decision Focus Platform, allowing Xellia employees to preview and request access to
contracts globally. The solution will reduce considerable time for managing contracts and potentially save up to 25%
on software and hosting.

Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company headquartered in
Copenhagen, Denmark. The company specializes in the production of anti-infective treatments against serious and
often life-threatening infections. Xellia is wholly owned by Novo Holdings A/S since 2013 and has state-of-the-art
manufacturing facilities located in Denmark, Hungary, China, and the U.S.

Before implementing the new Contracts Management solution, Xellia handled all their supplier, customer, and
partner contracts in a legacy system, which resulted in some inflexible processes and rigid search capabilities.

The close collaboration between Xellia and Decision Focus will result in a flexible, low-maintenance and user-friendly global Contracts Management solution based on the Decision Focus Platform.

Being a Decision Focus customer already, Xellia will benefit from the Contracts Management solution in several ways. The Decision Focus Platform will leverage the data synergy between all applications - Enterprise Risk Management, Application Portfolio Management, GDPR – Privacy, and Contracts Management.

Centralising data from all Decision Focus applications in one platform will enable Xellia to apply data intelligently across the entire organisation.

“The solution that the Decision Focus Team has helped us create and implement is impressive.

“It is a big step forward for us in how we manage and get useful MI from our Contract Management setup.

The Decision Focus Platform is very user-friendly and extremely flexible hence we are looking to roll it out much wider in the organisation”.

Marianne Norup-Nielsen

Marianne Norup-Nielsen, Senior Director, Head of Global IT, Xellia


A single repository for contracts globally

Decision Focus - Zellia Case Study Screen 2

Management of contracts is highly critical for Xellia, and the organization wanted an intuitive solution to maximize the
repository and retrieval performance of contracts, while not jeopardizing compliance and risk. With one single repository for all contracts and a powerful analysis and business intelligence engine, Xellia can easily save and retrieve all documents and correspondence in one place and get the most possible value out of all data.

All contract PDFs, Docs and images are fully searchable

Decision Focus - Zellia Case Study Screen 1

Words and names are predefined for employees to do accurate searches with no miss-spelling. The solution supports searches in metadata and free text in the contracts as well as in all attached PDFs, Docs and images. All data is
being distilled to searchable text, and employees avoid manual searches.

View and edit rights controlled by business units and roles

Decision Focus - Zellia Case Study Screen 3

With a few clicks and high-security measures, the right access is being granted to the right person based on their
business unit and function. Over 1000 Xellia employees can access contracts globally.

Automatic e-mail reminders on important dates

Decision Focus - Zellia Case Study Screen 4

The solution supports the entire workflow following signature of a contract until termination of the same. A
notification is sent to the contract responsible in due time before a contract ends in order for Xellia not to miss an
important deadline. Controls are in place to streamline approval flows and eliminate bottlenecks.

“The Decision Focus Team has been fantastic in understanding our business requirements and distilling them into a great solution for our Legal Team and Users worldwide.”

Vidya Viswanathan

Vidya Viswanathan, Site Director & IT Portfolio & Delivery Manager



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