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Yearly Team Retreat - in Spain: A Magical Location For An Inspirational Team

October 31, 2022

The spectacular Castillo de Monda near Malaga, Spain, was the location for this year’s team-building company retreat. An old castle perched on a hill offers breathtaking views across the land. It was the perfect location for our diverse team to enjoy fun activities and bond.


An Inspirational Retreat For Our Multinational Team

Decision Focus is a remote-focused company with a user base worldwide. Our team of 32 (and growing) work across five continents, with 60% working remotely. Our team is grateful to work alongside team members from different cultures, ethnic groups, and languages.

The company understands what makes the team work well together, even if we live and work miles apart.

The company retreats are fun for our high-energy multinational team. We focus on supporting each other as individuals. At the retreat this year, there was paddle tennis and beach volleyball in Marbella. We were also chilling in the evening with drinks and beer ping pong or heading off during the day to cool down in the pool.



Pushing A Company Culture That Works For Everyone

According to research by McKinsey, employees feel a strong sense of inclusion when a company focuses on inclusive leadership: building a team, making it cohesive, and empowering employees. As a remote company, Decision Focus knows how to remove organisational barriers and make work inclusive.

The company culture is at the forefront of Decision Focus. Whether via weekly group meetings on Teams or our regular retreats. We are committed to maintaining and growing our culture. The retreats help us manage diversity, growth, and remote setup. We want everybody on our team to feel included.

It is the third year that the company has had close to 50% growth. We understand the effects of high growth on our engineering department and implementation consultants. The retreats allow team members to share their successes and inform the rest of the team of exciting new projects.



An Engineering Team Making Fast Advances

The positive growth of the business means Decision Focus needs to evolve in all areas of the company. For example, our engineering team has made incredible progress. An area discussed at the retreat was technically supporting our engineering team. This support is essential as we continue to make fast advances.

A continuous set of new security features is constantly being developed and released. There has been security support from the cloud side and new security features for audit tracking and compliance. We now support single and multi-tenant environments and many clouds, working with IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure cloud.


A Futuristic Presentation By The Implementation Team

The implementation team also shared their methodologies to reduce global rollout to 4 weeks for all clients. You read that right, from start to finish in only four weeks. The retreat was the perfect opportunity for the team to present this game-changing method to reduce global deployment time.

Additionally, the company could use these same methods to onboard new colleagues. This ability is a further advantage for everything to be faster and to keep pace with the growth strategy. It also excitingly supports the potential future design for client self-sufficiency or self-service setup.

Soon, our clients will be able to do more in the system by themselves. Clients could set up and configure more parts of the tool without help. Our clients will be more platform-savvy than ever before! Decision Focus will also introduce certification programs during 2023.


Our Team Is Opening Innovation Tracks For Clients

During the retreat, the team talked about our incredible growth model. Discussing how the company can use this momentum to help clients follow a similar trajectory. This closer interaction means our clients can get involved in driving new modules. The company will open up innovation tracks for clients.

Interested clients can engage “hands-on” with our team's domain experts. Our clients will have the flexibility to help drive, specify and test any new modules. The whole team was excited about this strategy. Indeed, deep client involvement is a crucial part of our module delivery moving forward.


Ready To Enjoy The GRC Journey With Our Clients

Another highlight discussed at the retreat was the launch of nine new modules. All these modules have happened in the last six months. Plus, they are available as off-the-shelf templates. These new modules mean Decision Focus can support more areas in the GRC space.

We discussed, as a team, what the modules entailed and how they will benefit our customers. These modules can help customers get onto a trajectory of maturity within the GRC space. Our clients can enjoy the journey with us and grow together.

Here are the new modules that are available:-


  • Operational Resilience
  • Risk & Control-Based Audit
  • Risk & Control Self Assessment
  • Complaints
  • Lloyd's RIO and Lloyd's Timetable
  • Policy Performance Measurement
  • Product Governance
  • Question-Based Audit
  • SM&CR

A Co-Creation System For Quicker Results

The Decision Focus team looks forward to driving toward the future with our clients in the car. Our client relationships will be stronger than ever. There is no pulling or pushing in our consultative relationships. The team wants quick and effective collaborations to evolve new modules and support new domains.

The rapid pace will be sustainable as we can co-create modules and then deliver them. The progress is much slower if a client pushes or pulls in the relationship. Clients working in a co-creation system always benefit in many ways. Our flexible, remote team offers immediate feedback and support for any problems.



Working With A Modern Company That Is Inclusive And Diverse

Achieving GRC goals and objectives can be challenging. However, working with a modern, diverse company that understands your pains can make it easy. Decision Focus values its responsiveness and inclusive culture. It all helps to support and engage our diverse team of experts in the GRC sphere.

The high responsiveness of Decision Focus is something our clients' highlight. It is something that they value when working with Decision Focus, and it makes us proud. Our remote setup gives our clients a global perspective that is responsive. Our multinational team delivers daily for our international clients.

Reach out to Decision Focus to hear more about the newly launched modules. Also, learn more about our latest database technologies. Ideal for large-scale customers who want to add a new database. You can grow your business with our diverse team, who can happily support you at every stage. Let’s grow together!

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