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Astellas - Implementing Global Policies & Standards

May 10, 2021


Astellas Pharma Inc. is a leading global pharmaceutical company with more than 17,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Japan with regional headquarters in the US and EMEA.

To contribute to the business globally, Astellas IS (Information Systems) made the decision to harmonize regional operations. This required common governance policies, standards and a single standard management tool. Previously, processes and information were managed in isolation within regions and functions, which created a number of challenges in terms of consistency and governance. Creating overviews across geographies and functions was a manual and time consuming process.

“To support ongoing planning and prioritization activities, we were looking for a new Portfolio Management approach for Astellas IS. This required up-todate project information related to finances and performance across regions. Decision Focus is very good at supporting us in achieving this.”

Osamu Inagaki

Osamu Inagaki, Associate Director, Strategy & PMO, Strategic Planning & Control

The Decision Focus platform was chosen as the common management tool to help address these challenges. The scope of the solution includes:

  • Management of Project Information
  • Project Approvals
  • Status Reporting
  • Benefits Realization

“Having a single Global Governance Model was a key for success in this organizational change. We knew that the introduction of a global governance process would be a challenging journey. Along the way we would need the flexibility to adapt and change our requirements as our maturity increased by learning and expansion. It was therefore crucial to have a tool that could evolve with us along this journey.

We selected Decision Focus as it is extremely flexible and because of the ease and speed with which it can be configured to address new process areas as our requirements are crystalized.”

Hisashi Shimobayashi

Hisashi Shimobayashi, Executive Director, Head of Strategic Planning & Control

Implementation Approach

Based on the global scale and the local variances of Demand and Portfolio Management, it was agreed that a ‘Top-Down’ approach would be the most effective way to implement the solution. The financial processes in connection with Demand and Portfolio Management were used as the backbone of implementing the global solution as these provided a level of commonality.

As requirements still needed to be vetted, but implementation speed was also of essence, an agile implementation approach was applied.

Challenges & Results

Management of Astellas IS Project Information

Challenges: Regional approach using a number of different tools.

After the implementation: Decision Focus is now the common collaborative tool for consistent management across regions. Productivity has been improved by standardizing processes and eliminating duplication.

Project Approvals

Challenges: Different offline approval templates within regions.

After the implementation: The introduction of new standardized templates, supported by workflow, has resulted in faster decision making and more focused management meetings. Decision Focus makes critical information readily available and also provides easily accessible audit logs for improved governance.

Status Reporting

Challenges: Individual leadership team members provided a monthly update based on a Word template.

After the implementation: Users update the project status directly in Decision Focus. This reduces the manual effort required and results in a central upto-date view of the portfolio status. The portfolio progress, including history and trending analysis, can now easily be shared with business stakeholders.

Benefits Realization

Challenges: Besides Japan, Astellas did not have a consistent Benefit Realization process.

After the implementation: A common Benefit KPI model was established as a compulsory part of the process for projects above a specified size. This helps provide timely information to business stakeholders about realized benefits and the business value that Astellas IS is delivering.

Context Portfolio Management

The Demand and Portfolio Management solution is considered by management as the right vehicle to create transparency and communicate investments within Astellas IS. Moving forward the solution will be used not only for gaining consensus with the business, but also as an information source for investor communication.

Osamu Inagaki adds “Decision Focus has the experience and know-how to propose alternative solutions and work styles to meet our requirements. This has enabled us to implement user-centric solutions both fast and effectively.”

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Key benefits include:

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  • Prioritize quickly and effectively
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Risk Dashboard

Risk Dashboard (example)

Risk Landscape-3

Risk Landscape (example)

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